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All members of an ICREA Member Association can participate in the real estate networking and marketing opportunities provided through WorldProperties.com, ICREA's official real estate portal. 

WorldProperties uses the technology and services of the ProxioPro network to provide you with the ability to enter your property listings in any of 11 languages for display to consumers, and to provide a global referral network where you can interact with other ICREA professionals to form business relationships and make referrals.

REGISTRATION is FREE... enabling you to add your profile to the ICREA agent directory and to enter property listings in any country. To get started, fill in the mandatory information in the registration form, using your email address as your user ID. 

Once your registration is complete, you will be activated in the referral network and on WorldProperties.com, where you can:
  • Be SEARCHABLE for consumers seeking a real estate professional
  • ENTER your listings to be displayed in 11 languages
  • CONNECT with agents around the world for referrals
  • PARTICIPATE in ICREA services and training opportunities

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